8 best waterproof mobile cases to protect your phone from water damage


In the event that you need to make the most of your time in the water without abandoning your telephone, a waterproof telephone case is an unquestionable requirement have. Regardless of whether you end up having a telephone with waterproofing worked in, a pocket adds some additional insurance. For those without waterproofing or sealed type of phones, it’s the distinction between a water-harmed telephone and a working one. Also, you need a strong pocket in light of the fact that an awful drop with a telephone in a sack that isn’t exactly waterproof, and you’re out of a ton of cash to supplant your tech.

Are you worried about buying Best waterproof phone cases, then this article is for you.

pouches to protect phone from water by wizard technical

The JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch is one of our number one items in this classification, all credits to its brilliant incentive for cash quality. This case is intended to stay watertight, and it did as such in the entirety of our tests, paying little heed to the sort of water that it was lowered in. In spite of the fact that it may not feel as strong, the organization guarantees similar usefulness and they have a comparative plan language. Additionally appraised IPX8, it tends to be lowered to 100 feet and fits telephones evaluated to 6 inches.

This pocket includes an easy snap-and-lock framework to open and close it so you don’t need to stress over a Ziplock-style seal busting open. Indeed, even with it completely fixed you actually have absolute touchscreen usefulness for things like sending writings or utilizing your camera — the main thing you can’t do is utilize your touch ID to open it.


BOBO Universal Waterproof Pouch Cellphone Dry Bag

waterproof phone protector for smartphones
waterproof phone protector for android phones

BOBO Universal Waterproof Pouch Cellphone Dry Bag fits all cell phones with up to 6.5 inches corner to corner size. It likewise bends over as a waterproof dry wallet, to store Visa, identification, money and different resources for the seashore, fishing, plunging and water park exercises. It has completely clear windows on both front and posteriors that make it ideal for taking pictures, recordings, and browsing messages. The rear of the pocket is completely straightforward and has so no issues with the camera for greater telephones.

The dry sack includes a straightforward snap and lock access that makes it simple for you to keep out water, day off, sand, and earth.

True Desire Three Layers Waterproof Sealed Transparent Mobile Bag

Put your precious smartphone in the True Desire Three Layers Waterproof Sealed Transparent Mobile Bag and get set to carry it underwater, pool party or even desert safari. The hemming of the pouch is designed to be ergonomic, and it is soft to the touch, giving you a comfortable edge from which you can hold the pouch. One of the main benefits of this waterproof pouch is that photos and videos are surprisingly clear, but you’re going to want to keep the flash off to ensure that there is no blinding glare in your photos.This transparent layer of security helps ensure that this pouch won’t be infiltrated by any water for up to two continuous hours of submersion.

The Geeky Waterproof Sealed Transparent Bag includes an unmistakable touch-accommodating window on the two sides that guarantee advantageous admittance to contact screen controls. The straightforward pack is snow evidence, earth verification, and waterproof. Also, the pocket highlights a secure-lock seal, the safe snap-and-lock framework guarantees simple opening and shutting.

This all inclusive waterproof pocket is ideal for any huge cell phone with up to 6 crawls of screen size.

Protect your precious smartphone against water, dust, dirt, and sand with this NGX Technology Waterproof Sealed Transparent Bag. This durable pouch has a special closing system that provides full protection to your handset. It features a transparent window that lets you enjoy clicking selfies and other interesting pictures even underwater. It needs no special effects on the computer touch screen to operate. You can easily carry it around because of the added convenience of a long neck strap. This case is designed to remain watertight, and it did so in all of our tests, regardless of the kind of water that it was submerged in.

  1. What are best waterproof phone cases?

    1.JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch
    2.BOBO Universal Waterproof Pouch
    3.The Geeky Waterproof Sealed Transparent Bag

  2. Best ways to protect smartphone from water?

    You can buy any of the products that are mentioned. They work like charm when we talk about protecting phone from water and rainfall.

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