Digital health passports for verifying the Covid-19 test results of travelers

Recently Singapore based and U.K. based firms have designed a code to check the Covid-19 check status of the travelers. Using these codes. the travelers can show them to the authorities and then the authorities can verify the results of their Covid-19 check.

digital health passports by Singapore based firms

Singapore based startups are using a QR Code and blockchain technology to verify the details of the Covid-19 check. The U.K.-based firm is using “VCode”.

The main problem with any such technologies is data tampering. Any user can tamper with their data easily. But these firms have developed the design such that their designs are free from data tampering and provide accurate information about their results of Covid-19.

How do digital passports work?

digital passport technology can we used by travelers easily

When a patient goes to

the hospital for testing, the doctors after testing the patients will send their Covid-19 test results to the firm which manufactures these passports. So this process will be very secure so that there would be no data tampering during the process. After that when the user installs their app, he would get the details about his Covid-19 test shown there.

So whenever he travels to the other countries, he can then show that to the officials and the officials will follow some procedure to check the results of the patient.

The U.K.-based firm used VCode which is a closed-loop technology as mentioned in the Hindu article. And Singapore based firm Affindi used QR Code technology as mentioned in cna.

For more details, visit the website about digital passports by the U.K. based firm

Digital passports changing the way we travel by Singapore firms

Digital health passports will change the way in which international travel operates. These digital passports will become a part of our travel in the coming days.

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