Latest iPhone updates and apple latest updates in 2021

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Apple has got many updates recently released. Some of the latest iPhone updates are discussed below and we would also discuss the newest apple updates in 2021. This is the latest news about apple from various sources.

Apple Updates 2021

Apple iPhone 12 Update 2021

iPhone 12 latest and apple newest updates 2021

Recently the sales report of the iPhone 12 series was released by CIRP( Consumer Intelligence Research Patterns). It shows that the Apple iPhone 12 series are the best selling lineup compared to the iPhone 11 series in the United States.

The four iPhone 12 model sales were 76% of all United States iPhone Sales in October – November 2020.

Of all the iPhone 12 series, iPhone 12 was the best seller and had more sales in 2020. iPhone 12 mini had the least number of sales in that lineup.

iMac Latest Update 2021

Apple would be releasing the redesigned iMac in the first quarter or the 3rd month of 2021 year according to a tweet by a leakster. The main update is, iMac would be the 1st desktop computer from Apple. And it uses ARM-based chips instead of Intel chips.

But the efficiency cores specification was not mentioned in any report till now. We can expect that iMac will be more powerful than notebooks.

Wireless charging update from Apple

Recently a patent was filed by apple titled “inductive charging between electronic devices”. The main aim of that is to charge apple products like apple watch, iPhone, and other Apple devices using your MacBook.

According to the image shown, we can see that we can charge the devices through the inductive coils housed in the palm rests of the MacBook.

Another similar patent by apple was to charge the MacBook itself using the wireless charging technology.

Apple AirPods Max Update

Recently, Apple AirPods max which is priced at $549 is released by apple. But as it’s the price is very much high compared to its competitors. So that could be the reason for Apple releasing it’s a cheaper version of AirPods max.

According to the leak, it may have downgraded sound quality or a plastic build which makes its price cheaper. LeaksApplePro on Twitter mentioned that the price of the cheaper apple AirPods max would be $349 only.

Apple Glass updates

The recent update about Apple Glasses is that they are moving into the 2nd phase of development. According to the sources, we can expect the product by 2021 end or most probably by 2022.

There are also reports that Apple is not only working on a single version but two versions of AR Glasses which are named by codenames N301 and N421 which may be released by 2023.

iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro Max updates

As iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will have high refresh rates, LTPO(Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) displays are the best choices with 120 Hz screens. It is expected that Samsung and LG would be the suppliers of the LTPO Screens for the above mentioned iPhone models.

So the main advantage of using the LTPO Display in iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max is that the LTO Technology will dynamically switch between 1Hz and 120Hz depending on the content displayed.

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