New features in Microsoft teams to find files quickly

A new feature to find files in Microsoft teams quickly | Source - Microsoft roadmap page

Microsoft Teams new search page, Top Hits, and history menu for faster navigation

According to the sources, Microsoft teams are going to change the way you search for the files in your Microsoft teams account. A new feature by Microsoft helps you to find the files like images, documents, etc. quickly.

So Microsoft is using Artificial Intelligence to improve the accuracy of the search and provide the uses with fast search results in the new search page.

The new search page is expected to launch in 2021 in the month of June.

Microsoft “Top Hits” for quicker search

They are also working on a feature called “Top Hits”. Top hits will debut in March of 2021. This feature will come as a new section in the search bar. The most relevant results are displayed at the top of the autosuggest suggestions.

If you are having content with similar names and some times the content we need will be suggested at the bottom of the search results.

So this feature would be useful at that time. And if you have a document named “project x”, then ms teams will scan all your domains and channels and quickly displays the most relevant results in this “Top Hits” section.

This makes searching for files faster in Microsoft teams by making the search feature faster.

Navigation made faster by this feature

To quickly navigate back and forth between pages in the Microsoft collaboration tool, it is also introducing a new history menu according to the sources. This feature is also under development and would be released soon.

This new history menu makes the user quickly and easily navigate through private chats, the company’s Microsoft channel, open calendar, and again return to the same private chat.

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