Who is Naaz Patel who complained about Myntra logo

who is naaz patel who complained against myntra

Who filed a complaint against Myntra?

Who is Naaz Patel, the woman behind the change of the Myntra logo? Recently the news about Myntra changing its logo because a woman activist Naaz Patel filed a complaint against its logo is trending on social media.

We can find that she is an activist and from Mumbai according to the sources. Naaz Patel filed the complaint against the Myntra logo in association with the Avesta Foundation NGO. She filed it in December 2020

 Mumbai Police’s Cyber Crime Department DCP Rashmi Karandikar said that they found that the logo was offensive in nature for women. So after filing the complaint the officials of the Myntra had met and said that they would change the logo in a month time.

So as this news was trending in the social media, some users have also raised some doubts about many companies whose logos depicts some natural human body shapes.

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